How To Track Your Child’s Cell Phone October 12, 2016 – Posted in: Protect Kids

When a parent want to monitor a kid’s activity, it is important to follow a few basic guidelines and steps:

1: Inform your kid that you will be checking their activity. Be honest and upfront, avoid sneaking behind their back.
2: Install a monitoring app, which can allows you to see texts, and Internet activity.

You can find many apps on google play store or apple app store. Once you install the track app, all you will need to do is check in on occasion to see what your kid is doing online. The track app runs in the background and shouldn’t bother with your kid’s phone. If you are lucky, you may be able to score a free trial to test the waters!
3: Make a distinction between monitoring and spying. A teenager is probably going to pitch an epic fit when they hear their parents will be checking their cell phone. Remind teens that nothing online is private and monitoring their activity openly is not spying. Tracking is a preventative measure, just in case an issue like cyber bullying would surface.
4: Sit down with your kids and look at their messages together. This is especially useful if your kid is involved with cyber bullying or receiving threats.

When your kids have a phone, as a parents you need to know they still have control over a kid’s cell phone. Luckily, parents have hours of pioneering determination and experience on our side.

Checking messages and activities behind a kid’s back will only create unnecessary conflict and may let your kids hate you. Likewise, removing a phone will cause friction and hinder a family’s overall communication. Parents can bridge this new territory with convenient apps to check their child’s cell phone activity with ease.