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About Focus on children watch phones since the year of 2010, We provide many kinds of children watch phones to match your require, you can choose and buy the best kids phones from here.

Many of our children watch phone has gps track function, so it can anti lost your kids. in order to protect your kids, just Buy A track Gps Watch Phone for your kids now.



WHY DO I NEED A Track Watch Phone For Your Kids?

Safety: Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you turn your eyes away for just a moment, to turn back and have lost sight of your child? I think the answer to that is yes, we all have. With our track watch phone you would be able to immediately call your child and check the GPS, to find their whereabouts and cut out that panic.

Connectivity: No matter where your child is, you know you can always call them. Be it at a friends house; a party; playing in the park; or a weekend with the Grandparents. There are so many moments a parent just wants that extra peace-of-mind to check-in with the children, check they are ok, and let them know they can get hold of you whenever they wish.

Freedom: With the ability to connect with your child at the push of a button, you can afford to relax a little, and let them have that bit more freedom.


Does the phone watch need a SIM card?
Yes, Our Watch Phone is effectively a mobile phone so it does require a sim card.

Is the Kids Watch phone watch locked to a specific network?
No, you can use any network carrier you wish. The only requirement is that the network supports the 2g network.